Welcome to Hell

The intro page of Welcome to Hell by Erica Wester.

Author(s) Erica Wester
Current status/schedule Discontinued
Launch date May 26, 2010[1]
End date May 11, 2011[2]
Genre(s) Black comedy
Followed by Welcome to Hell
Welcome to Hell was a webcomic by Erica Wester, hosted on DeviantArt. The first page was posted on May 26th, 2010, and the most recent page is page eleven, posted May 11th, 2011. The webcomic received two "Daily Deviation" awards before it was dropped after the eleventh page.


Sock is a serial killer, who unintentionally murders his parents in his sleep and later kills himself. He then finds himself in Hell and face to face with the devil, Mephistopheles, who offers him a job: haunting humans to the point of suicide.


  • Napoleon "Sock" Maxwell Sowachowski, a human boy who upon accidentally killing his parents whilst sleepwalking, commits suicide and becomes a demon under the command of Mephistopheles.
  • Mephistopheles, the jaunty and enigmatic deity in charge of Hell and all demons. He greets Sock when he arrives in Hell and offers him a job as an earth-bound demon tasked with haunting a human to suicide.


Production of the comic was announced May 16, 2010.[3] The first page, posted in May of 2010, and tenth page, posted in May 2011, garnered a "Daily Deviation" award each.[1][4] The comic was dropped after the eleventh page. The story was eventually reworked into the 2013 Welcome to Hell animated short film.